Friday, September 14, 2007

I knit, He fishes

My husband did it again! Fall fishing has started and my husband can be found where the fish are running. Today was in Tillamook Bay. He hooked into this lady and broke a pole bringing her on board. The line was so long a guy from Another boat jumped into his boat to net it for him! And his boss was close enough in his boat to capture it on his camera. I hope to have pictures soon!

My husband is certainly more successful than I in pursuing his hobbies. I haven't picked up my knitting or in other kind of stitching this week. Too busy helping with grandchildren and the little pixie was sick this week which meant Grandma spent alot of time in her rocking chair today since the pixie just wanted to be rocked. The little pixie is usually way too busy to sit still so as much as I hate that she was sick, I loved just cuddling her and her mommy appreciated it I think. And Winken, Blinken, and Nod had their 2 month check up today so Grandma went along to help Mommy dress, undress, comfort, cry (when they got their shots), and just be moral support. I sure hope to get something done in the hobby area this weekend but I am on call to walk the floor with W, B, or N if the shots cause stress or Mommy and Daddy need a break. I gave up a full time job and I'm busier than I ever was when I was working. However, the rewards are greater and more gratifying but much less time for knitting, sewing, scrapbooking. My daughter insists what I am doing is of much more value but it somewhat bothers me that my grandchildren won't have things their grandmother made for them.

I did pursue something in the hobby venue. My husband went to a fishing class Thursday at a fishing store....and didn't buy a thing! That opened up the $$ for new needles...the Harmony needles from Knit Picks that I've been coveting. I started with just a few but if I love them as much as the Options.....

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