Saturday, October 6, 2007

the desires of her heart

This was my contribution to the last night's festivities ....the baby shower for Winken, Blinken, and Nod. I went with a good night theme and had the quilt, fleece blankets with crocheted edging, blanket sleepers, a book of Fairy tales, and a book of bedtime prayers. The last two quilts are about one third to one half completed.
W, B, and N were not in attendance since they are still under quarantine but their Mommy enjoyed her first time out since their birth almost three months ago. Daddy and PaPa stayed home with the three wee ones and it was Daddy's first time "in charge". Those in attendance were overjoyed to see the Mommy again since it's been almost a year. Mommy was in seclusion for most of her pregnancy so as to carry three wee ones for as long as possible. It was a wonderful shower. The devotional centered around God's faithfulness and Jesus stating that we are to come to Him as little children. There was an abundance of gifts and several were very meaningful. It was finally the Mommy's turn for hand made quilts from her grandmother for her babies having seen all her cousins receive them as their babies were born. One special lady in our church always gave handmade bibs to each new baby. She passed away several months ago but she had the bibs made before her passing for W,B, and N. Many tears were shed as the bibs were passed around. The Mommy cried as soon as she opened them. And the Daddy's grandmother did a birth sampler all in counted cross stitch that included the weights and lengths as well as the names, birthdate, and a welcome message.
God has been faithful to them and given them the desires of their heart. Several years ago it looked as though the Lord had other plans for them or other plans to grow their family. How grateful I am He provided a "road in the wilderness and a river in the desert" and did beyond all that we could ask or pray when He gave them W, B, and N. I don't think the pregnancy glow has left her face yet.

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