Sunday, March 23, 2008

February sweater in March

I joined the EZ Knitter's Almanac KAL and actually finished a project: the EZ February Sweater. But oops, I finished it today. It was a quick, fun, easy knit. I just have too much going on to finish it in the couple of evenings it would have normally taken. But, hey! There are no knitting police...right? Love the color but hated the yarn. It is the Red Heart Soft in an Aran/Worsted weight. The yarn Is soft but it splits badly making it less than fun to knit with. I highly doubt I'll use it again. My, I am becoming a yarn snob aren't I?
The sweater was for Savannah and she is as bright as the eggs she's hunting. I would have Easter pictures but I chose to watch Emma on PBS tonight and wind yarn for the KAL that starts this week instead of edit pictures. Eggciting pictures to come...stay tuned!

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