Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Get 'em while their young

This is my grandson, the knitter wannabe. Think he's too young to learn? He definitely is showing an interest. Notice his sister in the background...she's showing an interest as well. Ahh yes, I'm converting them early to the dark side. Someone who will understand that the stash in my closet is treasure, not "clutter". Someone to understand that one cannot have too many books, be they knitting or reading. Ahhh yes sirreee, they're my grandmunchkins! Notice he didn't even remove, unravel, or otherwise harm the knitting? He already has an appreciation for it!
(In the interest of full disclosure, this picture was not staged. I, and my daughter, had been back in my sewing room for a short time thinking the living room was a safe place for the grandmunchkins and they would play innocently and harmlessly. We came out to find that W had dislodged my knitting from not only my knitting bag, but the plastic bag inside the knitting bag and was wrapped in the yarn and chewing on the needles. He was in the process of showing them to his brother. Thank the Lord eyes and other orifices were safe from the pointing tips and the plastic bag had been thrown aside. After assuring all was well we grabbed the camera! I will be more careful with my knitting now that there is a mover and roller in the midst!)

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