Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If you say "knit", they will come

A lady I know, when I told her I was going to listen to the Yarn Harlot talk about knitting and that I was going on a shop hop, a yarn shop hop, told me that sounded "incredibly boring". Now in this lady's defense, she is not a knitter, seamstress, crocheter. Her hobbies are shopping and painting. She does not understand the power of yarn, needles, thread. Yes, I still took it personally because it isn't about what I do, it is who I am. It's my release, my creative outlets, my hobbies. Today, World Wide Knit in Public Day, I met a lot of "incredibly boring" people. Over 30 such "boring" people. They didn't look, sound, or appear, bored. They actually seemed to rather enjoy the day. I certainly did!

PNWbookgirl in ravelry organized the event. She did a fantastic job. She had it in the local newspaper (which my mother in law read about and asked if I was there), she had sponsorship by the Knitting Bee, which also provided door prizes. I won a cable needle! I can't give her credit for the weather but it was perfect! Seventies and sunny and a breeze. My arms are a little red.

I took S with me and I was a little concerned she would be "bored" even though she knits, crochets, and loom knits. I was wrong. She had hot chocolate, she loom knit, she watched people, she had pizza for lunch, she watched spinners, she got her picture taken by the lady from the Argus. Bobbi of Tiggywinkle knits (I gotta learn how to put in links) took time out to show her how to begin to spin when she noticed S totally enthralled with her spinning and spinning wheel. I've always said I had no desire to learn to spin but Bobbi was so full of great information and such a great teacher and S seemed so taken with it that I may have to just to get S spinning. Now that could be really good for me. S spins and I knit up what she spins! It was a wonderful way to spend 4 hours and I am especially glad S had such a good time. Maybe next year we'll get her sister to go.....another "boring" person in the ranks!

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