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Ten years ago:
lemme see, June,1998, I was working at Nike, our older 3 were working, going to school, but still at home. They were getting ready to do another Mission to Mexico. Our youngest had been with us only 8 months and we were headed to Iowa for a niece's wedding and for her to meet the rest of the family. We stopped in Yellowstone on our way there as well as Chimney Rock. We ate PB and J sandwiches while looking at Chimney Rock. We stopped at Mt. Rushmore on the way back.
Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
I think a millionaire would suffice but first 10% off the top for the church and another for the missionaries we support. I'd buy my husband a farm and let him have his dream job. I'd buy all my kiddos a home so the moms could stay at home and raise their kids. I'd make sure there was a trust for the grandmunchkins for college and a first home. I'd take a dream trip or trips of which Disney World with all the family would be one. I'd send all the guys to Alaska to bring me back some halibut.
Three bad habits I have:
1. snacking when I don't want to do something
2. talking about people rather than ideas
3. trying to get too much done in too short of a time frame so I'm late. Does addicted to coffee count?
Five places I've lived:
Portland, OR, Beaverton, OR, Cornelius, OR, Hillsboro, OR, Albania--ok, so I only lived there 30 days while waiting for the adoption on our daughter to be final but listing places in Oregon was getting boring!
Five Jobs I've Had:
Medical records at Tuality Hospital
Unit receptionist for the cancer floor at St. Vincent Hospital
lab technician for Nike (longest at 16 years)
and my dream jobs: Mom and Granny
Five things on today's to do list:
my days are pretty much the same routine--care for grandmunchkins, the usual cleaning, cooking, laundry. So I'll list the extras for today:
1. try and make spaghetti on par with my husbands for the freezer for our upcoming camping trip. I already messed this up since I opened tomato sauce instead of tomatoes.
2. Take a walk in the rain...we do live in the Northwet afterall and it is Rose Festival week.
3. start a pillow for G's high school graduation. G is a friend of our daughter's but hard of hearing, not deaf. Still she signs English and they can communicate somewhat. Our daughter signs ASL. I'm making a pillow with the "I Love You" sign on it. Pictures later...I hope!
4. get almost finished with S sweater
5. go to J's kindergarten graduation

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