Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Baaaaack.....

That would be football season. That joyous time of the year that the TV is Always on a game, or switching between games, (did you know that a football game can be found almost every night and day?) when the family gets together and the guys do more talking than the gals, albeit it's all about players, plays, teams, coaches, strategy, forecasting who'll do well or poorly and "did you see that play?" but they still talk more, and when my daughter's birthday is celebrated on a Sunday, by command of her brother all birthday fal de ral is during half time or commercials. That time of year when the women better learn a thing or two 'bout football or they really are widows. My poor daughter in law figured this out after one year of marriage and the next year joined my son's fantasy football league. As an aside, she cleaned their clocks, the whole league, and this year my son told her she had to buy a fantasy football magazine and figure it out for herself. She did indeed buy the magazine and called my husband during the draft!

That time of the year when the talk revolves around these two teams on Fridays, Saturdays, and into Sundays before the NFL takes over, and let the rivalry begin! The entire family, with the exception of my husband is a die hard Duck fan. Our youngest was in the same arena as her Dad and cheered on the Beavers.....until that fateful Civil War....now she too is a web footed fan. Oh, and Me??? I am a platypus...that is to say I have a Beaver tail and a Duck bill. I ride the fence, commiserate with the losers and winners, wear black and green. Football season has done more for family communcation than anything else I can think of. It may not all be nice family communication but communcation nonetheless. Case in point, after the Ducks won this past Saturday, and the Beavers lost, let the email trashing the poor hubby begin. Bunch of chickens those Duck fans, they waited until AFTER the Ducks won to begin trashing the Beavers.

Actually I love football season. It does more for my knitting time than the rest of the year. I don't have to watch the game, I can tell by squeals, jumps, shouts, and arm pumping by the youngest, or lack thereof, how the games are going. Gotta admit, she really makes football fun. She may have not been introduced to it until age 11 (only soccer in Albania), but she took to it with a vengance.
I was hoping to get my knitting/crocheting groove back on before football season but there is this desire to cut the fabric stash and a really good sale at JoAnn's and my granddaughters all needed church dresses and my hubby gave his blessing so....the sewing room is humming again.
It is organized, despite its appearance. Three dresses for each of my granddaughters and an outfit for my youngest daughter.
I finished this bolero for S to go with her skirt. I think my feelings for this can be summed up in a quote I saw on Pink Lemon's blog:
No artist is pleased...There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others."
I'm happy with the stitches and the feeling of crocheting again and the overall little sweater. Therein lies the problem, I think it's too little. It's supposed to be a bolero and small but I used sport weight yarn rather than the beaded worsted the pattern called for because that's what I had in the right color so it required making the large size which is still too small and required adding lace around the neckline. It's also reminds me of a bed jacket from the the 50's. I put the details in Ravelry if you're interested in details. We'll see how it looks with a blouse and her skirt rather than her Oregon t shirt. And yes, that's about all she will wear for the next few months, something with Oregon or a duck on it!

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  1. Yeah for football!!!
    I love it and look forward to it every year.
    Great post, I love it