Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall treats

Well Hi there! It's fall don't you know? And it started raining today! Big, lovely, drops! It smells so good! The leaves don't have that crunch anymore though. Sure was fun while it lasted. (before I go and let Granny have her blog back...Excuse my dirty face...I was "helping" as you will read later in Granny's comments)

So today is Halloween. We "don't do" Halloween. For personal reasons. We do hand out candy to the neighborhood kiddos because it's a good neighborly thing to do. And frankly, I love seeing the little ones dressed as princesses or spiderman or something else cute and hearing their innocent little voices saying "trick or treat". But this year the grandmunchkins are coming to call and I'm sorry, but plain ole candy just won't do for these special kiddos. So today, on my husband's day off, he helped me make sugar cookies for the visitors to come. We had help....lots of help!

Cute helpers aren't they?

We decorated the cookies for fall. I couldn't find fall colored sprinkles, so, using a trick my mother-in-law taught me, I made my own. Just food coloring added to sugar. I couldn't get orange with the neon food coloring I had, so brown will have to do.

While on our walk, S and I gathered leaves to decorate the packages. Looks like bouquets if I do say so myself. I had help from S tying the ribbons and arranging the leaves. Wish I'd thought to do this before I sent home the cookies for the youngest grandmunchkins. They may not have appreciated the extra touch but maybe their mommy and daddy would have.
Sorry, just had to post these because they touch my heart....Mommy and boys

I love the concentration on his little face.

Next post....trick or treaters! Stay tuned! Put down that remote!

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