Sunday, November 30, 2008

We now return you to our regular, normal, sane person

I lost it. I did something INSANE, something I promised myself I'd Never do, something so out of character for me.... I. Went. Shopping. on. Black. 5:30 A.M.

Let me preface my insanity by saying that it has been a tradition since we became grandparents to gift each of our grandchildren with a book and PJ's for Christmas. This year I had the thought that I'd like to sew them, the PJ's that is. Another insane thought but I won't digress there. I saw this ad: That settled the matter. Flannel normally at $4.99 to $5.99 a yard on sale for $1.49 a yard. I went forth at 5:30 a.m. With knitting and a book of humor for women. Just in case. I hate shopping, really hate it. I arrived. I got my cart full of fabric. I waited in the cutting line. I knit. I waited in the paying line. I knit. Serious knitting time. I didn't even need the book of humor.

Behold the haul! Enough fabric for nine sets of PJs. I am trying not to think about sewing it all up. I anticipate it will be fun??? I love to sew after all. But nine sets?

So to regain my sanity, after the shopping. We went here: The beach. My favorite place. I breathed in the salt air. I walked in the rain and wind. I regained my sanity.

We camped at Ft Stevens State Park with my parents. The days we were there it rained and blew but we were cozy in our trailers with books and knitting. At night the killer Aggravation game came out. Apparently all that "relaxing" doesn't allow one to release their inner aggression. The game took care of that! Even my mother was a little, shall we say, aggressive?

We tarried on the trip home. The sun came out so why hurry home? We stopped at Ft. Clatsop, the winter quarters for Lewis and Clark. The fort burned to the ground a few years ago and we wanted to check out the progress on the rebuilding. A great stop and we learned a little more about these great adventurers.

Then it was on to Cannon Beach and the yarn store. I will say I do like yarn stores! I picked up a couple of pattern books and some yarn for a certain little hat for a certain little granddaughter. And there is a great coffee shop in Cannon Beach that is a must stop. A Dark Chocolate Mocha was calling my name.

One more stop for dinner at Camp 18. Camp 18 is a museum of logging as well as resteraunt. Logging equipment outside and in the basement. Great place to explore and learn a little logging history. We happened to have my Dad with us to explain a few things. He worked in logging as a young man before he went into the Marines and said it was one of the best jobs he ever had. It was interesting to see the old equipment and hear how it was used and for what. The food was pretty good too! A big bowl of stew!

Before I went insane we had a great Thanksgiving feast with our son and his wife and 3 of our grandchildren, our other son, his girlfriend, and my in laws. Great food, great company. Well, ok, so this guy wasn't such great company after dinner! But it was nice to have him anyway!

Grandpa kept the littlest entertained. Or perhaps I should say he was entertained by the littlest?


  1. Wow woman, you'll be a sewing... LOL But, each and every pair will be made w/ Grandma's luv...way kewl.

    It looks as if you had a great Thanksgiving w/ family... TFS...

  2. Well, it's hard to pass up a fabric sale like that. The best pajamas my kids ever had were the ones my mom made them.

  3. What a wonderful sale that was! I'm not surprised you bought so much. The effort of making those pjs will be worth it. They will be really appreciated.
    In the UK, flannel I have bought for making Pjs has been far superior to that used in making purchased pjs. Is it the same in the USA?
    I must do a search about Ft Clatsop and Lewis and Clark. I'm afraid the names mean nothing to me. Your comment makes it sound as if there is a story there for me to discover. Thanks in advance. I shall enjoy finding out.

  4. I'm so jealous... I want to learn to sew!!! That's one thing I would LOVE to learn...

    But I do exactly what you did - take small knitting projects with me wherever - a wait anywhere - who cares - there's knitting to do!

  5. What a great weekend! I too caved, I went to the lys black fri night @ 1am for a 40% off sale, got home about 2am! We live at the start of the lewis & clark trail, louisville...they have for the past 2 yrs had a traveling museum to celebrate it. Isn't it funny how childhood games bring out the child in all of us! Sound like a wonderful time

  6. Hey girl....

    Hop on over to my blog cuz I have something for you... :-)

  7. Ok ldy, I believe I counted 10 cuts of flannel in that pile! Ist there a sneaky suprise gift for someone in there? or, are you feeding the stash? LOL

  8. I can't wait to see the jammies you make with those! :o) I'm glad you got your nose out on the beach too! I miss it so much!