Monday, November 16, 2009

It's beginning to look like Christmas

I joined another swap with the Itty Bitty group on ravelry. It was a Christmas one and I hoped it would prepare me a little for the upcoming holidays. I also hoped doing something for someone else would help as well. It didn't accomplish either hope but I still enjoyed doing this hat after I finally got the gauge and look I wanted. I re-started it probably 7 times. This yarn, Tahki Cotton Classic does not look good, in my opinion, at 5 stitches to the inch which is what the pattern and yarn call for. I went up to 6 stitches to the inch and I think would have been happier with 7. My swap partner wanted a 0-6 month size for her niece. Hmm, a girl, so let's add something girlie, just to make it a bit different.

I made another bag, this time in Christmas fabric, added some chocolate, tea, yarn, and buttons and put it in the mail! A couple of days late but the re-starts made me behind.

I'm into knitting hats right now. All the grandmunchkins need them and I've got a couple of special orders for a few of them...snowmen hats..for the season so I'll be posting hats for a bit! Good thing, since hats are quick and fun and fit in with the mood I'm in. Most people get spring cleaning fever about spring. I get it pre-holiday. The urge to clean and declutter. Maybe it's because I'm forced indoors at this time of year due to the weather and if I have to be indoors I want a clean house. This year may be to keep my mind and body occupied so my thoughts can't travel down paths that hurt too much yet. Whatever the reason...I'm cleaning and decluttering so hats are on the needles!

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  1. That turned out so cute! You've been doing quite a few swaps. Its great you can ask for specific sizes and genders. I'm sure the bag will be much appreciated!