Monday, November 15, 2010

puttin' on the ritz and glitz

via knitting and crocheting! I finished my second Moonrise necklace and it's hard to decide which I like more. The pattern is from Sivia Harding. The beads from Earthfaire and called Crystal Bouquet. This one definitely went faster that the first.

Miss S and I crocheted some necklaces with wire and beads. Wow, if you're in a hurry for a gift that's inexpensive, this is it! Once the beads were strung on the wire, two hours tops to make the necklace. This in mine, three rows of crocheted wire with the beads already on the wire and moved into position as the stitches were formed. The only stitches used were slip stitch, chain, and single crochet.

Miss S crochet necklace:

Three strands of pre strung beads on wire were crocheted using a chain or single crochet with the beads moved into position as the stitches were formed.

Fun, fast projects with great results. But, enough procrastinating, time to get going on Christmas knitting!

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