Sunday, December 23, 2012

On Overload....

Which is so typical of this time of year.  But when it's over, there is a tendency to miss the crazy busy fun that this season brings.  I must admit to being a little down the last few years during the holidays.  Despite trying to shake it, it's there, ready to grab on and settle in for a visit.  So, keep busy.  No problem.

 I don't understand why I'm down when I get to see this grin most days.  He is always ready with a smile.  Even amidst the hunger cries.  So, taking his attitude of smiling through it all, here is a whirlwind tour of the last week.  Yes, week, as in 7 days.  Jam packed! 
 The Advent candles are lit each Sunday.  Last Sunday was the turn for the little Princess.  Her brothers looked on because they were going to do it a week later.  Just a quick note about the dress she is wearing.  I made it for my daughter 15 years ago.  For her first Christmas here.  We brought her home in October, so 3 months later was her first Christmas in America.  She lit the Advent candles in this dress.  A few years ago our granddaughter wore the dress to light the candles, and now this is the second year Miss R has worn it to light the Advent candles. 
 This Sunday took 3 candlelighters as it is the last Sunday before Christmas.
 In honor of his first Christmas, Mr. C sported a Santa hat.  A hat that I started last night and finished this morning.  Details on my rav page.

 All dressed in their Christmas finery this morning.  She may not brag about her beautiful knitting but I will.  My daughter knit all of the "men" vests for Christmas and the beautiful red sweater on her little girl.  She even had to rip out her husband's vest to shorten it.  Rip knitting, pick up stitches, re knit the ribbing.  Amazing.  All while holding a full time job and more importantly, being a full time wife and mom.

 This last week was also my birthday.  We all gathered together for pizza.  The adults went off to see "The Hobbit" while a babysitter came in for the little ones.  After the movie it was cookies and ice cream.  The cookies were made and then served by my daughter and granddaughter. 
 This week was also our granddaughter's first band concert. And after the band played, quite well I might add, there was a festive sing along. 
 We arrived a bit early but the 2 year old had no problem occupying herself.  The custodians might have wished we hadn't been quite so early when they started the school clean up.  She had the belief in leaving no window un licked.
 And then, just to make sure the week was properly crazy, we had a Nonny and Graypa party.  We cut out snowflakes.
 We had Santa pancakes for breakfast.
 And then all hands on the counter for Christmas cookie baking.

And then we watched Miracle on 34th Street.  Or rather, they watched it and I cleaned.  Crazy busy.  We are postponing Christmas for our family until next week.  Our son has to work on our traditional day to celebrate, Christmas Eve.  That leaves Christmas Day for them to have a family day and possibly visit the other side of their family.  I am a little saddened that we have to wait a whole 5 days and Christmas feels like it will be an after thought since they've already celebrated.  But it will be a little more relaxed and most important, we will have most of the family together.
Have a very Merry Christmas.  We shall, just a bit later.

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