Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Geared up and ready....

As these "gorgeous gobblers" remind us, it's the season.  For giving Thanks, and then onto Christmas. But even before Thanksgiving, a little crafting is in order.  
 A snowman for our tree.  I made some modifications on the tree to snowman pattern in "Topsy Turvey Toys" to make this little guy.  Details of those mods are on my ravelry page.
 I've been involved in a few ornament swaps in my Itty Bitty Group on ravelry.  This one went off to Wisconsin.  I sure hope it doesn't classify as an "ugly Christmas sweater".  Pattern is also from Susan B. Anderson.
 Bird Feeders for great grandparents for Christmas!  It was a simple recipe and they had fun doing it.  We've made 4 and need to make 2 more.
 Someone, ahem, had more fun with the clean up!  And terrorized everyone in the process.
 A very sweet little granddaughter made these for me.  They were waiting for me in a gift bag when I got home from a meeting.  They will take front and center on our tree this year and for years to come.
 The week of Thanksgiving I was mostly child free.  A good time to sew or knit or shop?  Nope.  A good time to go to the schools and have lunch with grandchildren.  On Monday I went to one school to have lunch with a sweet 2nd grader.  She opted to have what I had brought for little J and myself instead of buying lunch.  I think the selling point was the strawberries.
 We waited 20 minutes and had lunch with a handsome 6th grader.  He opted for PB and J.  No big surprise there!  He did share his chocolate milk with his little cousin.
 On Tuesday I went to another school to have lunch with 3 adorable 1st graders.  I had enough time to stay and watch them at recess.  Twirl on bars, walk on bars, and play football.  I am SO glad I did that on my days "off".

 Which brought us up to Thanksgiving.  Or rather the day after.  We usually celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday.  That would be black Friday and, more importantly, the day of the Civil War.  I was so grateful for all the help I got this year.  I try to have jobs for the grandmunchkins to help with.  They love to set the table for starters.  This year they made the fruit salad.
 And licked the beaters.

 And dried the dishes.
 After dinner it was gingerbread decorating time!  Houses for the older ones and men for the little ones while the Civil War was on the tv in the living room.  Do you think she wished for the Ducks to win?  If so, her wish came true!
 Any guesses who he's cheering for?  In a very loud voice? With lots of giggles and hand waving?
 Another swap ornament that's winging it's way to Oklahoma.
 And this is what my sewing room looks like after Thanksgiving.  Yes, I shopped on black Friday.  At Joann's.  For flannel and fleece.  I'm going to be busy finding the table.  And the way to find the table?  Sew it all up!
May the season be bright and may I find the gumption to get 'er done!

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