Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ready to give Thanks

The coloring page I printed out for the kiddos tomorrow, including me. Still love to color and love new boxes of crayons, real Crayola crayons, not the cheap ones.

I saw on another blog someone list the things they are thankful for so I'm copying:
First and foremost: my salvation, that God actually Chose ME...a sinner, to save (Eph 1:4) and the GOD of all the universe has a relationship with me
Second: my husband, my children, my grandmunchkins, my parents, siblings, the list goes on
Third: my church and church family and the freedom to worship
And then as they pop into my head:
freedom, to worship, to vote, to say yea or nay
rain-love the rain
Thanksgiving the holiday
I've never gone to bed hungry
for retirement and the ability to care for my grandchildren
fall, the leaves, the smell, the crisp air
spring, new growth
hmmm, how about all of GOD's creation
a home
hobbies: knittin', crochetin', photography, scrapbookin', sewin'
watching babies sleep
watching little ones grow
the BEACH!!!
a computer
the longer I sit here the longer the list

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but it's really Thanksgiving everyday...or should be.

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