Thursday, November 22, 2007

Too much pie but gotta love it all

Another Thanksgiving gone already. Why is it you shop for hours and fight the crowds, make sure you have everything, then cook for hours and mess up every pot in the kitchen, and try and make every dish perfect and "their favorite", and spend time decorating and setting the table, Only to sit down and find you aren't the least bit hungry and the meal is over in 10 minutes. Why do we do that? This year was a little different in that we only had C and A to join us for the actual meal and we sat for a good 45 minutes after we finished eating just talking. It was quiet and restful and throughly enjoyable. The rest of the gang showed up for dessert and the roof began to raise! After they'd had a full Thanksgiving dinner at their other grandmothers complete with lots of sugar we sat down to snap our first pictures of us with ALL of our grandmunchkins. As evident in the photo the timing for said picture was a little off! Maybe another time? Ah well, we'll look back on it with fond memories. Actually just looking at the picture made me chuckle. Nothing like 7 kiddos, 4 with too much sugar and energy and 4 with little to no naps.

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  1. Fun to see the little ones. The triplets look like they are growing nice and strong...brought back memories of armfuls of babies! :o)