Sunday, December 16, 2007

getting a picture of all the grandmunchkins....take two

So we tried this again...for my birthday. Out of 15 pictures this was the best!! Happy birthday to me???? I guess you just can't corral, coerce, coax, 7 munchkins and 2 adults to all smile or look at the camera with pleasant expressions all at the same time. This picture aside, it was a wonderful birthday celebration! Tacos, salad, and molasses favorites for dinner and the BEST part was having all of my family together for 4 hours. It was truly a celebration of family and I feel very very blessed to share a pew in church with them and a dinner table and good conversation...even if much of it was about football!


  1. Happy Birthday! What a lovely bunch of birthday presents! They are all so adorable. God Bless you this year. :)

  2. They're all so cute! It's nice to see the triplets looking so healthy! :o)