Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mission accomplished...thanks to the elves

Your mission, should you decide to accept it:
in SEVEN days~~
*start AND complete three twin size quilts for 3 grandmunchkins,
*start and complete 3 jackets for 3 other grandmunchkins,
*risk life (literally) to shop for gift cards for munchkins and the last of the gifts,
*clean the house from top to bottom, including light fixtures, bleaching the counters and bathrooms, cleaning ceilings and walls and vents, dust, wash rugs, etc. (in other words clean EVERYTHING),
*shop for Christmas Eve dinner,
*knit two hats for little girly grandmunchkins,
*print pictures and decorate a calender for my mother in law,
*wrap all the gifts, including our son's gifts
*make 24 bibs
*watch 5 grandmunchkins, 3 of them everyday, and 2 more on Thursday and Friday
Sounds impossible? But wait! We have two elves to help you! And at 5.75 days and counting we have:

It started with a messy, but organized sewing room.

Assistant Elf unpinning the last quilt after the quilting is complete

Head Elf cleaning, cleaning, cleaning as a special gift to me...and wishing me a Merry Christmas (better than jewelry anyday!)

Three completed quilts

The shopping is complete! The bibs are done! The grandmunchkins were happy and cared for!
Still to go in 48 hours: the calender, the hats, the wrapping, the shopping for the dinner, the jackets. Can it be done? After today's accomplishments I'm feeling good about the possibility!


  1. I just had to come and visit your blog after your sweet comment on mine.
    Wow! I LOVE, LOVE your quilts! Your helpers are so cute, too!
    Knitting is my first passion (well, after my son) and then I love to sew, by machine or hand.
    You definitely have "useful hands and heart".
    Merry Christmas.

  2. After seeing this post I don't know why in the world you wanted to join A Loose Knit Group. Looks to me like you got it going!!!!

  3. The quilts turned out great! What pattern is that? It reminds me of the Turning Twenty pattern that uses 20 fat quarters, but smaller. I like it. I am looking for a sewing machine table and was also wondering what type yours is? I have seen many I like but none in my budget! LOL