Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolutions for a Knitter and Scrapbooker

So 2008 is fast approaching and for the first time in several years I am going to make New Year's Resolutions. In the past I made the same ones everyone did: lose weight, etc. The only one I ever kept was reading through my Bible in one year. That was a resolution worthy of making and worthy of keeping and it changed my life profoundly. However! This year I am focusing on being a good steward of the time and money God has given me. Both of which I have not been since retirement one year ago. So without further ado, my resolutions for 2008:
*I will not buy any yarn in 2008. Projects must come from my obscene stash. This works well with the KAL I have joined. I already have the yarn for the KAL I have joined and for the gifts I want to make.
*I will not buy any new knitting books (or crochet books, or quilt books). Again, the number of books I have is obscene and I have attempted to de stash a few but the ones I kept have patterns I definitely want to let's get with it and make from the books I have! In preparation for this resolution I bought Ann Budd's book of patterns with a gift card I got for Christmas. That should be a stash buster/gift maker. Not to mention the numerous free patterns on the web AND the 4 magazine subscriptions I have.
*I will not buy any more scrapbooking papers, stickers, etc EXCEPT white pages and page protectors and glue. Again, a stash buster.
*I will read through just the New Testament again this year. With watching grandmunchkins, my time is limited but this is doable and I can really focus on what I'm reading each day not just "get the daily reading in".
*I will destash one cupboard/closet per week. Nuff said...Goodwill here I come!
I lost the weight I needed to before I had major back surgery a year and a half ago through Prism which gave me a life style change that mostly keeps the weight off (with a little forethought and restraint) so it's wonderful that doesn't have to be a resolution. The resolutions I picked I'm praying God will help me with and will make me a better steward of the gifts of time and money He's given me.

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  1. WOW, those are some tough resolutions. My prayers are with you. I believe you can do it.