Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolution Tuesday

So 2008 breezed in, literally, (we have a breeze blowing here) and I faced up my resolutions. I decided each Tuesday I'll check on my progress. Maybe it will keep me on track and help me keep the resolutions. So how am I doing on this first of the new year:
*new yarn or knitting books? Nope, but I placed a nice order, actually two, from Knitpicks last night for sweaters I must make in 2008. Babies grow too fast don't ya know. And I want to knit a scarf from silk this year.
*new scrapbook supplies? Nope, but a small order from Stickerville for some new stickers. And I do mean small. Mostly baby related to go in the grandmunchkins scrapbooks.
*reading through the New Testament. Hmm, that may be a problem. The Daily Bread that I use to read through the Bible picked this year to change it up. Now they have you reading through the Old Testament Monday thru Friday with Proverbs thrown in. And the New Testament on Saturday and Psalms on Sunday. I think I'll have to spread out the New Testament reading myself for the week and add the Proverbs for good measure.
*cleaning a cupboard a week? Ahead of schedule. I cleaned both bathrooms in the last few days. I never thought I was a pack rat. I'm re thinking that after just the bathrooms. And I consider those the easy rooms!
2008 marches in! Happy New Year!

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