Thursday, December 6, 2007

what one can accomplish with a migraine

The dreaded migraine hit today, first thing this morning. As is typical, the first dose of Excedrin gives me a euphoria about not only making it through the day, but sets me up with lofty goals of what will be accomplished throughout the day (must be the caffiene?) only by noon struggling just to survive the day, let alone accomplish Anything whatsoever. Actually, just conversing is a chore and I have no idea what comes out of my mouth. So with the lofty goals of getting a bunch done on the quilts that never end, here's what I actually did accomplish:
-I got the Book of Yarn yesterday in the mail. I've already read the section on protein fibers. Did you know they make yarn from opossum fur? In Australia and New Zealand anyway. This book is destined to be a great addition to my library. Wealth of information!
-I actually walked today. First time since the Winnie the Pooh blustery weekend. Shega and I detoured a bit and looked at the Christmas light displays in our neighborhood. We didn't get out until late, after 4, so it was just getting dark on the latter part of our walk. Dark enough for lights to be on.
-comfort food! Must have comfort food with a migraine. For me this consists of soup, salted nuts (or something salty) and usually tea. So there's homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner with crackers.
-I gave 3 well rested, fed, content babies to their Mommy so she can enjoy their company tonight and a well fed and content kindergartener and 15 month old to their Daddy. Perhaps that should be considered a well accomplished and successful day?
-mailed the last of the Christmas letters. I am pleased with this year's letter. I always try and have a theme and this year I revolved the letter around the scriptures I prayed for my family. God is good.
-mentally reviewed my "to do" list for Christmas. This was an exercise in futility since the brain does not work when it's in pain.
SO! Onto the quilts that never end....

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  1. I am so sorry you get migraines.
    I also wanted to mention that the Possum yarn is to die for! I made a watchman's cap out of the eggplant color and then some fingerless mitts from the natural color. They are so warm even though I knit it loosely.
    My LYS has it.