Monday, December 3, 2007

A long awaited day and emotional overload

Shega has wanted to be baptized, by her Dad, for several years. I do not have the words to express the joy, the thanksgiving, the miracle, the emotions that this day brought, perhaps more than when she accepted Jesus as her Savior. And to add to our joy, our oldest grandson was also baptized. My heart's desire and my prayer for them (grandchildren) was for their salvation. (Rom 10:1) That prayer has been answered x2, 5 more to pray earnestly for.
Kerry and Shega were first. Kerry was asked by Pastor to open it somehow, not just jump into the baptism. He said something like: 12 years ago, before we left for Albania I asked you to pray (the church family). I wasn't concerned about feeding or clothing this child, I was concerned about how do you teach someone with no language, who's deaf, about a Savior that loves her and that she needs to save her from her sin. When Pastor asked if anyone wanted to be baptized, Shega raised her hand. She's here today because you prayed, and she understands.
I'm crying as I write it down. I think there were more wet eyes than mine. I could barely get through interpreting in sign language for Shega was her Dad was saying. Kerry is versed enough in sign language to communicate with Shega in most day to day commands, but not to talk and sign at the same time and he wanted to focus on the questions he had to ask her. He did sign himself when it was time to say: I now baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I'm hoping her brother captured on another camera the huge smile she had.


  1. The angels in heaven rejoice and so do we!!! God Bless you. I always cry when I see young ones commit to follow Jesus. What a blessing!