Tuesday, March 18, 2008

IF you teach....

...a man how to fish, he will feed your family! Jason caught his second sturgeon. 51 inches and really yummy. They're not much to look at but they taste wonderful. My husband knows, after catching several himself, how to cut them up to get the most meat. He cuts them in chunks, we coat them in Pride of the West batter, and fry it up. Talk about a feast! We served it on Shega's birthday a couple of years ago and even the non-fish eaters were coming back for seconds and thirds. It's also called poor man's lobster when you boil it and dunk it in butter.
...a child to read they will have a life of entertainment, fantasy, knowledge, and the list goes on. Summer is in the first grade but reading far beyond her age and more importantly-loves it! I purchased Hooked on Phonics after I started watching grandmunchkins almost two years ago, and spent 15 minutes a day with Summer and Jayce. I am getting my money back listening to her read! And she loves Dr. Seuss...like her granny! It was wonderful to hear her read and laugh out loud at the antics in the story.

...a grandmother, or mother,(or even father or grandfather or aunt or...) to scrapbook, she will relive her memories while leaving them for someone else to enjoy and it will give her a creative outlet and it will be a source of calm/escape in a storm (as are most creative outlets). I'm slowly catching up the baby scrapbooks for W, B, and R. They're only 8 months old! I went with a Disney theme for their baby books because: number 1-I love Disney and number 2-they'll be different than the baby books their mom is creating. W's book is complete for his first 6 months. Life has been full of trials these past weeks and scrapbooking provided the needed escape to happier times. I can pray while scrapbooking but I can't think beyond the papers, stickers, and pictures which is what I needed. Books also provide that for me, an escape. So not much knitting or crocheting going on. I tend to think too much when I'm doing that.

Creative juices are flowing.....
I alleuded to a stressful couple of weeks and finding solace in scrapbooking. I found solace and comfort and prayer in God's Word and the prayers of fellow Christians and in the book: Prodigals and Those That Love Them by Ruth Bell Graham. I asked that God would fight the battle (II Chronicles 20) and that He would grant us a miracle because in my human way of thinking, there was no other answer. On Friday God won the first battle (the war rages on) and He gave us a miracle. The situation is still heavily in my prayers and devotions but God is still working miracles in lives. He also had to deal with my pride on the issue and I am now asking for a miracle in the life of another.

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