Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hats off!

Here she new washing machine! And Hats off to appliances! I never appreciated this until we went almost two weeks without one and I had to venture into a (gasp) laundramat! I don't like laundramats, err, rather the time I have to waste/use to get there, the money I need that I would rather spend on coffee, and sitting/standing watching the clothes go round and round. The trip to the laundramat was a deja vue moment. See, when we lived in Albania for a month waiting for our adoption to be final on our youngest daughter we had an apartment, with a washer and dryer. The washer took AN HOUR to do one insy bity load. My husband thought certainly there was something wrong with the machine and we have pictures of him sitting in front of the washer watching the clothes go round. Since the TV only had shows in Italian (ever heard John Wayne speak Italian, a rather feminine Italian?) we joked that we may as well watch the washer. Now the washer was not a planned purchase. We had a washer, only 2.5 years old, but she broke and the part wasn't under warrenty but the pump that went out because of the part was, but the repair bill was a minimum of $320. And no new warrenty. Better to get a new one for only $100 more. The repair man said he's seeing more Maytags needing repair than any other brand. We bought Maytag 2.5 years ago on their reputation. We went back to GE this time (the last GE set lasted 15+years) with a warrenty!
Hats off to this girl! Those are finished strips on her lap. And to the lady in our church who gave us this: (and two more smaller boxes)

Shega is delighted! She's knitting strips that will be sewn into a picnic blanket. She uses her hands for more than just communication! Anything that requires the use of her hands she takes to. Too bad though, since most can talk whilst knitting. Shega has to put it down to "talk". Come to think of it so do I if I'm conversing with her.

Hats off to Hat month. The KAL, a Loose Knit Group, has designated each month for a specific article to be knit and put away for Christmas so we beat the rush. Uh, I finished this hat in February all right, but it went right on Renae's head to go with her Tulip Sweater. It actually has a mistake in it. I used the same size needles for the seed stitch border that I used for the body of the hat causing the border to flip up. I remedied it with an applied I cord bow. The seed stitch now flares in a "flapper" style. My daughter loved it and wants another with the same mistakes when Renae outgrows this one.


  1. Praise the Lord for new appliances!!!!! Congrats. And that hat is almost as cute as that baby!!!!!

  2. The "mistake" is precious, Debby! Good for you!

  3. Go Shega! She is doing a great job! Your little Renae is adorable in that hat. :o) I'm glad you got a washer again. I am very spoiled by dishwasher and washing machine. They're two things I would not want to give up! (and a hot shower!)