Friday, April 25, 2008

That which makes us smile, and that which does not

Our church has a resident counselor, if you will, that flies in from Arizona to teach some classes and counsel those that want it at a reduced cost. We availed ourselves of it this time and learned some things and techniques to help with our youngest daughter. The counselor also advised that I seek some personal time. So with my husband's blessing and encouragement, I took some me time and went to Stephanie Pearl McPhee's (aka the Yarn Harlot)book signing for her newest book. Now I enjoy reading her books and they make me chuckle but to sit and listen for an hour to knitting humor? Who would of was very enjoyable and I laughed! I'll admit I was looking more forward to knitting time and quiet solitude. I know what you're thinking...quiet solitude in a room of 500 knitters?? Yep. I am in introvert and love quiet alone time. My husband has told our children that if he dies first they are to come pry me out of the house once in awhile. So, in a room of 500 knitters, I knit, I thought, and just enjoyed being me. I joined in on the laughter however! And it didn't hurt too bad when I had to rip out everything I knit when I got home.

One cannot have to much poetry and one should avail themselves of some prose (paraphrased from Persuasion by Jane Austen). This describes my reading. Read some deep things but put in some light reading and humor. So I enjoy the knitting humor.

Blue Moon Fibers from little ole Scappoose, Oregon put on the event were selling a new lightweight colorway. Think black cherry vanilla ice cream since my coloring is off.

So what doesn't make me smile? Ravelry yesterday! I like American Idol. As Simon would say, "sorry". So I joined the AI group on Ravelry and mostly check the posts on Wednesday to see who is predicted to go home, who sang badly, etc. Well, I opened a can of worms. I posted that I thought Carly had gone home on Wednesday not because she sang badly, but because of her song choice. I was personally offended by Jesus Christ Superstar and surmised others may have been also and not voted for her. The posts started flying and words were used such as: ridiculous, ignorant, fundamentalist, etc. I was called on to defend and state my faith as were other Christians. Whew! The last post to me stated that I had started an interesting discussion but had treated others with respect while stating my opinions. Perhaps I planted some seeds?

And I leave you with this...sure to make you smile?

Oh, and another thing that makes me smile...I've converted my daughter to the "dark side" and she now is on Ravelry and has a blog: Check it out...lots of cute pictures of cute little people!

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