Monday, April 21, 2008

no foolin'??

Well apparently the joke is on me, you, them, and mostly my Dad. You see he turned 75 and we were raised that these "milestones" should not go unnoticed and truely great milestones, such as turning 75, are worthy of a joke, on Dad. He is the ultimate in teasing, taking a joke, and handing them out. A little history here: on his 60th birthday we all, my siblings and I, dropped off our children about a block from his house and sent them down the street with sleeping bags and ice cream. The older cousins carrying the younger that were unable to walk and in diapers. My Mom went out the back door while the kiddos went in the front. We all went out to dinner and left Dad in charge of the kiddos. That joke ran supreme...until this year. Our mistake with that joke? We didn't take his credit card and use it for our dinner. So how do you top that? Yep, we have little 'uns again but much too little. Hmmmm.....then! A flash of light, an epiphany, a brillant moment...we have a surprise party and have pizza delivered for which He pays! So we all showed up...with cake and ice cream. And the door bell rings. We tell Dad someone is at the door. He answers to a pizza delivery guy and tells him he didn't order pizza. My sister adds to the coversation with an "Oh yes you did!" He pays and looks at the family, all 28 of us laughing. Two more pizza deliveries show up. The third time he refused to answer the door. Didn't matter as he paid for that one too. My sister had "borrowed" money before the party in case he refused to pay. Ahhh yes, the joke was good and he was laughing. Chock another one up for gettin' Dad! Happy Birthday Dad! We had also compiled a list of his favorite "phrases" hoping for 75 of them but ended up with 43. He likes to "borrow" phrases and create his own and then promptly run them into the ground. If he would only watch Pride and Prejudice...he'd have a whole new arsenal!
As I've said, multiples run in our family, healthy multiples. I have twin brothers, my sons are identical twins, and my daughter and her husband had triplets! We finally got the 3 generation multiple picture. Guess we'll try again in July. This one is a "joke"!

And what do my eyes behold on the 19th of April? Is my eyesight going? Nope, that is SNOW!!! We had rain (that's normal) but hail and snow in April? You can't see the beautiful red tulips that are in full bloom in the back through the snow but you can see my azalea!

So what does one do when it's snowing and hailing? Well my son in law plays golf. He planned his brother's bachelor party for April thinking the weather may be rainy but not snow! Joke was on him! They still had a great time. My husband fishes...brrrrrr. I knit! Cup of coffee or tea and knitting and I love the snow joke.
Fourth time starting this hat. I had it 'bout half way in the brioche stitch and messed up. No joke, ripping and picking back up in the brioche stitch is nothing short of torture! So I frogged it and started it again, one color, in a simple rib. But alas, one inch into it...another knitting joke. I had a mobius thing goin' on. I'd twisted the stitches when joining in the round. So here we go again......

What do snow and basketball playoffs have in common? Knitting time for me. I do not like basketball, do not like it here or there, do not like it anywhere. Do not like it in a house or with a mouse. However, it can play all day long, as it did this past weekend, and I will be able to focus on knitting. So I picked the Mystic Light KAL to catch up on with the lofty goal of finishing it by May 4 for the babies' dedication so I can wear it. Finish the Mystic Light, a pair of booties for R, a sweater for R, and a quilt for a wedding shower. Think there will be another joke, or a few jokes, on me?

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