Monday, April 14, 2008

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

I have been "out of touch" as I was attempting to regain lost ground, win the battle, and return my room to a multipurpose room, not a scrapbooking room. I was behind, very behind. 1 year to be more precise. Since starting scrapbooking some 12 years ago,I've not been behind more than a week and even less since the entrance of digital to my life. I take 'em, edit 'em, print 'em, scrap 'em. Then enter my daughter, pregnant with three, count 'em three. Bi weekly dr appts I take her to, cleaning her house, and numerous other tasks to allow her and her husband to focus on getting 3 healthy little munchkins here. And enter 3 grandmunchkins, ages 5, 4, 4 months, that I care for daily. So what gives...scrapbooking (as well as knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, and other hobbies). Well the three arrived just a little early, safe, and other than three weeks in the NICU, pretty healthy. But then there is more Granny duty. I had twins but triplets! We're talking a whole nuther baby! So what gives? Again, hobbies and the little time I had for hobbies was given over to the never ending quilts. But then, just ahead, a little light, a little window of time! So the sewing/scrapbooking/quilting room looked like this:

And now it looks like this:
Why? Because these are caught up! A year worth of pregnancy, baby, kiddo, pictures are now tucked safely in albums. A year doesn't sound like much but when you have six of them to do it takes on a new meaning. 'Bout chucked it but my 5 year old grandmunchkin asked me if there were any new pictures in his album. And every time they visit they get out Their album and relive their memories. That convinced me it was worth it. And here they are! Even caught up my "brag book".

The seven reasons I scrapbook and I don't find the time to scrapbook!

And now without further ado we return to our regularly scheduled programming. We apologize for the interruption. The situation has been deemed under control. We now join the scheduled program already in progress.

Knitting. Crocheting. Cross stitch. Maybe Ravelry and reading blogs. Reading. I am in several KALs. I "bagged" out of two for this month, the Loose Knit group (this month's project was bags..get it?) and the EZ Almanac group. I do want to catch up on the Mystic Light KAL. I'll catch up with the Loose Knit group and EZ next month. Then there are the read alongs. Morning nap time or early morning between getting Fisherman off to work and S up for school sound like a good time for that. I've missed reading....lots.

Do I really have to return to these regularly scheduled programs?

Ok, so this one I could definitely put back in my schedule...SLEEP, ah sweet sleep!

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