Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's me

It's a blessing to be a mom. Not a right, not a duty, not a part of life, but a blessing. I've walked two roads to being a Mom, the "normal" road (biological) and the adopted road. My children, no matter how they came, are blessings and I tend to forget at times that my baby came via another and 10 years after her birth. I've known women that struggled to have children, some that couldn't have any biologically so they took on another's, some that miraculously had children when told they wouldn't, and some that never did. While I don't know any of those paths, I think my children are every bit as miraculous despite the lack of struggle to be a Mom. I don't need gifts on Mother's Day because I already got them....30 years ago, 29 years ago, 29 years ago, and 11.5 years ago. A phone to let me know they're thinking of me is more than gift enough. (but chocolate is always acceptable and graciously received!)

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