Wednesday, May 14, 2008

converting the grandmunchkins...

It's no secret in my family I really really like Starbucks coffee. And not just their regular normal two shot. No, for me it's a triple or quad shot venti, skinny cinnamon dolce latte. I like the Human Bean as well. The scourge has hit our house and today I had to run to the store to get the "brat" diet items for my dear hubby. The store just happens to have a Starbucks. Hmmmm, sick hubby + sick daughter + 5 grandmunchkins = 1 venti triple shot if you please. R grabbed the cup (empty though it was) and proceeded to grin. Never saw her grin that much with her sippy cup. Methinks we have a future Starbucks groupie!

1 comment:

  1. Aw well, we converted S to the Duckies - guess it is only fair that R get converted to Starbucks. Besides - that is one Daddy won't mind!