Thursday, May 15, 2008

product knitter with a completed product!

This is the finished Mystic Light by Anna of Knit and Knag. I started slightly after the KAL started and finished a little more than slightly after the KAL finished but it's finished and I'm proud of my second lace knitting. This is the first I've finished having frogged the MS3 after clue 3. It's knit in Dream in Color Smooshy, Cool Fire, size 6 needles.
The Yarn Harlot says there are two kinds of knitters: process and product. I am definitely a product knitter. I knit to finish the product and have something to show for my time. But if I learn a thing or two, or a bunch, on the way, all the better. I learned a Bunch from this product. I like lace in a more solid color so the lace work really shows and isn't hidden by the color changes in the yarn. I learned to almost "read" my knitting. I learned to count, and count, and count. I wet blocked for the first time using my new blocking wires. I love Dream in Color yarn and look forward to using it again. It's a "dream" to knit with.
Tonight was the monthly Guild meeting and I actually had something for show and tell time...except I forgot it at home on the couch! So I took my daughter and showed her off and her work!

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