Saturday, June 21, 2008

I've been SEW busy!

And sew it begins...the grandmunchkin birthday season. We have all 7 grandmunchkin birthdays within a 6 week period and 4 of 'em are on the same day. Today was the first birthday of the bunch. This is a skirt I made for the birthday girl. She is a butterfly, very social, and butterflies on her outfit are most appropriate. Unfortunately, it was a tad small. When did she grow and I didn't know? So this will go to another when one grows and I'll make another.

A sweater for S. Fun to do and cute too!
We're going camping! First time in two years! To the beach! My sister says, next to Disneyland, the beach is the happiest place on earth. It's the first camping trip for most of the grandmunchkins. Hmmm, the beach in Oregon...not known for warmth and dryness. So I put the fleece pile to good use and made hats and sweatshirts to keep ears and heads warm. Now the weather forecast is for warm and dry. Ahhh, well, if I hadn't made them it would be cold. Murphy's law you know. The evenings around the fire while cooking up smores will be cool so I'm sure these will be used. My grandmunchkin grandson was so excited to have a new hat for camping that it was worth the work anyway.

Off we go...see you in a week!

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