Sunday, June 29, 2008

I go to the sea to Breathe....(lots of pictures!)

We just got back from a week camping on the Oregon coast. It was one of the best vacations we've had. All, that means everyone, in our family made it down for at least part of the week. We were able to enjoy all four of our munchkins and their spouses and all seven of our grandmunchkins and both sets of parents. The weather was perfect! No rain, a little windy, and a lot of sun. Bring on the sun screen! We're so used to the Northwet that we didn't even pack any and had to run to town for some. It was the first camping trip for the younger grandmunchkins and they are destined to be life long campers if this week was anything to judge by. My sister says that next to Disneyland, the beach is the happiest place on earth. I know it is a stress relief for me. If life has thrown a few curve balls my way, the ocean gives me a chance to breathe. I did alot of breathing this week, and laughing, and enjoying my family.

Little R is going to be like her Mommy and the beach!

Someone needs to tell this little guy that sand is for between your toes, not between your teeth!

B is also going to follow after Mommy, Daddy, and Granny.

Nothing like sand in the toes!

Oh, the wonders you can see that come from the sea.

And after we've played in the sand, and eaten the sand, and have sand in our toes, we get to take a bath in Great Grandma's trailer!

Remember those sweatshirts I was sew busy on before the trip...well they came in handy! And here they are keeping grandmunchkins warm and snuggly and able to play outside!

We made a trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. The youngest at 23 months was oohing and aahing and the oldest still found delight in the tide pools.

We made a friend in camp. Errr, rather we bribed him with crackers to be our friend. He was fickle. When the crackers were gone, so was he.

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