Wednesday, July 16, 2008

make new friends but don't forget the old

I'm an introvert and thus I have few friends and don't make new ones often. I'm very content to be alone. Perhaps since I so seldom am alone I wouldn't be so content. I am also content in a room full of people sitting off by myself with my own thoughts and, of course, some knitting or crocheting. So goes my hobbies. I have a few and don't tend to try new ones. However, just like I spend time with just one or two friends at a time, I tend to concentrate on one hobby until it's worn out it's appeal, or a project is finished, and then I move on to the next. The exception would probably be knitting and crocheting. I always have a WIP with each since they are travel handy. But I alternate between sewing, quilting, and scrapbooking. I've been spending alot of time with this guy:
Why? So I could finish these:

The quilt is for a wedding shower this Sunday. I was desperate to finish it. One would have to be crazy, desperate, or both, to allow three one year olds in the sewing room, one of which was on the lap watching while the other two were about the feet. This quilt was a pain from the beginning. First I had to redo the blocks because the colors were all wrong for the cross stitch my daughter did for the center. Then I thought I had enough blocks. After all the pattern said 30 for a queen. Yes, 30 blocks alright but with huge borders. So I did some more blocks since I didn't plan on alot of fabric to be used in borders. Still not enough, so I did some more. I ended up with 83 blocks in this thing! At least the split rail pattern is an easy quilt pattern. The sewing machine and the sewing room had lost their allure. That, and a quilt seems very dull after sewing these cute things. I did mention we're in the midst of birthday season...right?

R's watermelon outfit for her first birthday. Someone had given me the fabric and it screamed to be a summer outfit. And what goes with watermelon? Why, ants of course! So to complete the outfit we have ant buttons.

And an ant on the hat bow too.

I found this pattern at Craft Warehouse. It's called a petal dress. Super simple and fast to sew but too cute!

Obviously R is needed to made the dress as cute as possible.
I know I'm prejudice but she's just toooooo cute!

And after I finish a big project, like the quilt, I have this need to clean the house. So, the quilt is done, the house is clean, grab the knitting needles and crochet hook. Ooops, wait, there's one more birthday to sew for.....
Stay tuned for birthday updates. I still have to share the big one year old party!

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  1. The petal dress is SO cute on her! That was a super idea! The watermelon outfit with ant buttons is perfection. You inspire us!