Sunday, July 13, 2008

Now we are six

Now we are SIX!!! A new bike for a SIX year old! AND lots of other presents! Among all the presents he got, the present he told his great uncle about wasn't the bike, it was the books! And I can only get him to sit still for a story if I force him! Once I get the story going he wants another, and another, and another....

There's pizza for dinner! Yum. Every SIX year loves pizza!
I don't recall Christopher Robin eating pizza. The only food I remember in the book is honey!

Mommy does the cake, and only Mommy! But an excited SIX year old looks on!

J told me earlier in the day, "I feel six years old". I'll remember that comment for one of my future birthdays. I don't want to feel my age but apparently a six year old does.

I looked for my copy of Now We Are Six among the other Winnie Ther Pooh books only to find I don't have it any longer. It was paperback and well loved by my kiddos. Perhaps it's time to get another so this six year old can meet another six year old from long ago that loved a bear via the pages of a book. I wouldn't mind revisiting the Hundred Acre Wood myself. Munchkins and Grandmunchkins are great that way. They give us a valid reason to revisit great books.
Happy Birthday Six year old! You continue to be in my prayers!

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