Thursday, July 24, 2008

They walk among us....

Teenagers that is. And here's one that just joined the ranks, from tween to teen. Officially 13. But don't be afraid. They are not scary. They are more afraid of us than we are of them. I was a Mom once of a tween, actually I've been through the teen scene 4 times, 5 if you count myself, sorry, I digress. I was the Mom to an up and coming teen and someone, who should have been kinder considering it was my child's aunt, I digress again. Anyway, this aunt told me my child would turn into someone I disliked intensely. I really really liked my daughter and the thought that she would turn into anything but a closer friend moved me to tears. I did the only thing I knew to do, I called a woman in our church with 9, count 'em 9, children. Pretty much all grown up and wonderful adults. She took time away from a family birthday party to talk to me. Know what she said? If I expected my teenagers to be awful, they would be, but if I expected them to be wonderful they would be. She went on to say teens can discuss books and life, they have a sense of humor, they can be companions, and are less work. She was right. I had wonderful teenagers and throughly enjoyed most of the teen years. So now when I hear: "Oh No! They're teeagers!" and further lamenting over what is to come, I pass on this lady's advice, in the hopes some other parent will enjoy their teens. Wouldn't it be a great look forward to teenagers?

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  1. I LOVE my teenager! I love for her to share her thoughts. She's so much wiser than I was at her age!