Monday, July 28, 2008

fairs, and gardens, and music...oh my!

I won! I won! So, it's third place! But it's still a ribbon! So, there were only three shawls in my category. I still won a ribbon! It's my first entry in the county fair and my first lace knitting project and I'm proud of my ribbon. Hmmm, now I wonder why third? I can see that the first place was much more detailed than mine and the second place a much finer gauge. But, hmmm, I still wonder? Improvements could be made if I knew what they were to be!
My daughter took a blue ribbon for the dress she crocheted for R. We encouraged her to enter and I was hoping she'd be rewarded for her efforts. Even if she hadn't got a ribbon the work she did should be displayed for others to enjoy. But I'm glad she got a ribbon! And first place no less!

Our garden is finally producing more than leaves and weeds! It's about a month behind this year. We planted about two weeks later than normal but the weather has been unseasonably cold this year up until mid June so the plants stayed burrowed. But we've had beets and swiss chard...yum~ As R's face is evidence of, more than we three are enjoying the harvest. Me thinks she got more on her face than in her face! Make up artist at work yet again. Someone needs to tell this girl that food is not for face painting and her face is too cute to cover up!

You know summer is here when the concerts in the park start. Thursday night traditions for several years have been to grab dinner and head to the park and listen to the free concerts. Our favorites are the Army Band, the swing music, and the symphonic bands but hey, if the music isn't particularly to our liking it's still pleasant to knit and enjoy sitting outside with background music.

And there is always ice cream at the ice cream stand to make the evening a little better. We took the grandmunchkins this last Thursday. While they didn't enjoy the music as much as we, they enjoyed McDonald's for dinner and ice cream for dessert!


  1. Congratulations on your ribbons!!! A lot of effort was put into thos projects. It's nice to get some recognition for your work.

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