Friday, August 22, 2008

into our lives....

a little comedy must fall. I'd been feeling a little under the weather, both physically and needle and hook wise. My touch was gone. I decided to attack the stash and start some projects that gave me my confidence back and reduced the stash. I've been given literally boxes of yarn that I have shared but there's still too much. I had some help as you can plainly see. And when Auntie S (lovingly known as Auntie Gestapo) came to tell me what was up, I knew the culprit before she told me. Yep, it was Mr. W...again. I'm tellin' that boy wants to knit! I thank the Lord for these little snippets of laughter. I must be a grandmother! I can't help but think I would not have been so generous with the laughter had it been my children.

And in defense of Auntie Gestapo. She is very linear in her thinking. There is a right and a wrong and the line is clearly drawn in the sand. I don't know if it's her orphange upbringing or her personality but it is part of our lives. She reminds me often of the song Mr. Rodgers used to sing on his show about "I want to know". She wants to know, and well in advance, if there are changes in the offing to her schedule or life. At times frustrating, at times I find humor in it all and a great deal of love.

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  1. I do think our grands are related! Isaiah helped me sort my needles once, it took for ever to straighten it all out. And yes, if it had been one of mine? OOOOO.... The comment on loosing your touch hit home also, I'm making quite a gew instant gratification items to get it going again. I feel guilty letting all that wonderful yarn JUST SIT THERE! LOL