Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ashes, ashes, we all fall down

And that's exactly what I seem to be doing with anything involving two needles (knitting) or a hook (crocheting). There won't be any medals for me in ravelympics because after nine qualifying rounds (or more) I failed to make the semi finals or finals. Michael Phelps I am not. I'm more like the hurdler from China (forgot his name) that tried to make a go of it but after a false start there was no way he could hurdle with his hamstring. That's me. Only there were about 9 false starts and I had to admit my yarn was not going to work for the pattern. I've been called stubborn and tenacious. Perhaps that means hard headed as well. I learned something....when the pattern calls for a cotton or cotton blend yarn, and everyone that has done that pattern or another from the book has used a cotton with resounding success, maybe I should rethink my yarn? Yeah, I know, I was trying to use up stash but when 1+1 is equaling F for fail...don't repeat the same mistake 9 times in the hopes next time it will look good! So, I restarted my sweater for the tenth time but I had to order the main color. I have the rest of the sweater colors, in cotton, in my stash. Stay tuned...I'll post it when it's done. From the gauge swatch I did with the cotton, it's going to look good. Wish I'd not been so stupid, err, stubborn. At least the nine false starts taught me a lot about colorwork knitting! And after nine trials I much say it was looking pretty good on both the front and back. Sorry, no pictures, the results are not worthy of publishing.

Too bad there is not a ravelympics for sewing. Now that I could medal in! I started and finished this skirt for our youngest daughter. The pattern was the same I used for our oldest granddaughter's birthday but enlarged for an adult. The pattern was in a quilting magazine and I bought the magazine for the skirt, not the quilts! My second petal dress for the last grandmunchkin birthday of the season. I can't decide if I like the pink contrast or the purple that I did for the first petal dress I made.
And finally, like the Olympic athletes that probably learn a smattering of other languages while in China, I learned a little more "baby speak" this week. Notice the clean trays? Notice the floor. What they are "saying" is "I'm done now". Actions speak louder than works...evidently.


  1. Your Grands are so cute! Do you just want to eat them up all the time?! I love the little petal dress. Very sweet!

  2. What a beautiful family! The dress's are so cute! I loved your comments concerning teenagers, you are so correct. I 'll be back!

  3. The skirt is so cute! I bought the same magazine for the same reason! :o) Love seeing all the cute little baby faces. I'm glad you are having fun being a Grandma.