Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our baby is 28?

Our baby turns 28?? on Tuesday. Last year she and her sister in law began a pact...we never turn 30. On our 30th birthday we start counting down. So this year she is 28 (31). She has her younger sister very confused. She figures she'll be in her teen years at the same time as her daughter. That should be fun for both of them. Our daughter started a new tradition last year...taking a family picture on her birthday. They are very happy and know that God blessed them tremendously when He added these three to their home. I have better family pictures but couldn't resist posting the one of R holding her hand over W's mouth, as if to say, I'm talking now and you shush!

My daughter grew up wanting to be a wife and mom. God blessed her with her husband and children. They went through dark times and years of pain before God's timing gave them abundantly more than we could ask or pray. And believe me, we prayed, we cried out and in God's time our prayers were answered times 3. When I see the smile on this Mom's face I am reminded that God not only answers prayer, He gives us the desires of our heart, and I'm glad He did it for my little girl.
I used the excuse of a beautiful day and everyone together to get some family pictures. I am thrilled with how well they came out. Here are my hubby and I and our four kiddos. I'm prejudice but I am proud of each of them and thrilled to be their Mom.

And other than the's a great entire family picture as well. Wow, I can't get over how good it is. Maybe I learned the secret to getting a good family picture: two guys working a graveyard shift with only a two hour nap, feed 'em, wait till it's almost their bedtime and don't let 'em leave without a family pic. Oh, and have their grandmother there and tell them it's for her. I'm not sure what part of it worked but here they are and it's a great picture!

It was a great birthday party. We had the salmon on the BBQ or hamburgers. Good food, good company, good weather for a backyard party. We are indeed blessed.

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  1. It was a great day - and if you don't tell anyone, you could say that we had just finished picking the apples! Thanks, Mom!