Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Girl

At the too young age of 20, on this day, ALL day, I was in labor. We finally decided a trip to the hospital was in the offing. I remember telling my husband on the way that I wasn't ready to be a mother and his truthful reply: "It's too late!" We've never regretted becoming parents and so very thankful to be blessed with 4 children and they, in turn, gave us grandchildren. But perhaps we loved being parents because God started us out with this brown eyed treasure that still melts our hearts. We are so proud of the woman, wife, and wife she has become. Wish we could take credit for it but she was in God's hands from the start and He deserves all the credit.
Happy Birthday! So glad you were/are ours!

I probably shouldn't tell on myself but it does show that God cares about even our smallest requests. When I was pregnant I was sure it was going to be a boy because I wanted a little girl so badly. God gave me a little girl! And then later when we found out twins were in the offing, God gave me the desires of my heart again in two boys. Well, when our daughter was pregnant with triplets, it was known early that there were two boys but the third little one kept it hidden. We asked God if it could be a little girl since this was likely to be her only pregnancy and she'd like at least one of each. I even went a little further and asked God if we could have a little girl that looked like her Mommy. God gave me a resounding yes in both. This may sound petty and I was admonished for asking God but in His Word He says to ask and I am His child and He my Father. I would ask my earthly father for things, why not more my Heavenly Father? Believe me, He has told me no or wait as well and I wish I could say I was gracious with the answers.
I was awarded by http://fibroknits.blogspot.com/! What an honor and thank you! I would tag her right back since I like to read her blog as well. Here are the rules:
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So who to nominate? Well, for starters check out the side bar for blogs I like to read. It's hard to pick favorites but I'll choose four to follow the rules! These are in no particular order!
First: my daughter's blog: http://chrissmarie5.blogspot.com/, for 3 obvious reasons (that would be my grandchildren!) and she's also a fantastic crocheter. She's in the midst of making afghans for Christmas.
Second: http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/knitblog/ I found her blog a little over a year ago. I love her knitting content and details and she has an adorable little girl just a week younger than my 3 grandmunchkins. She's getting into quilting now as well.
Third: http://kniteang.blogspot.com/ She found me first but I've become a reader. She shares life and knitting and devotionals and always ends her blog with Scripture.
And fourth (though it was hard to pick just 4!): http://katididscreations.blogspot.com/. Again, she found me first through an online knitting group, A Loose Knit Group, that we both belong to. Her family sounds like fun and rather like ours! She also shares her projects and knitting.

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