Sunday, September 28, 2008

sheep and stash enhancement

Fall is here! I thought it had arrived last week with the cool weather but today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the high 80's so fall has not quite made it's appearance weather wise. However, events in the area suggest otherwise. I found honeycrisp apples in the store today! And this weekend is OFFF, Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. A festival of all things wooly and what they add to our lives. S and I went for the first time and next time we're taking the hubby. There was yarn, and roving, and knitterly or spinnerly goodies with which to use the yarn and roving, and all brands of wooly animals: sheep, alpaca, llama, bunnies. No camels or yaks or muskox though. There was a lamb cookout and sheep dog workouts and, of course, sheep shows. S was particularly interested in the sheep shows especially after I began to do more than watch and sign everything that was happening and being said to her. She now knows, uh, um, how to tell the difference between a ram and a ewe. Ahem. We spent the majority of our time inhaling the wonderful aromas of hay and wooly creatures and I, listening to the musical bleating. I was a farm girl and raised sheep for my 4-H projects so it was a wonderful return to my earlier days. Hmmm, between that and grandmothers who knit, is it any wonder I like it so much? Of course, we started the "girls day out" at our favorite place! S with her hot chocolate and me with my Venti triple shot, 190 degree, skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte! We ran into an old friend while here and did a little catch up before heading out.
While S was primarily interested in the sheep, I was interested in stash enhancement! However, one of these skeins is destined to be socks for S. She picked out the yarn. Guess which one? Hint, hint: she is a huge Oregon Duck fan! The orange called my name. Ok, so it was Blue Moon STR and every skein calls your name. But I love fall and can't wear oranges or yellows so I picked up the orange to make a leaf scarf. Not too close to my face but fall colors. And the last skein is for a "trout" vest for grandsons. My husband said it should have more grey but this jumped out at me.

Look! Wool! Lovely wool!

Sheep Judging in front of an enthralled audience.

I didn't take anymore pictures but trust me, there was lots going on! Vendors, and shows, and animals, and people, and demonstrations, oh my. I now know how to plan for next year!

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  1. Pretty pictures! Lovely yarn! Makes me wish I were there :o)