Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cake in a time of need

God's timing is always perfect and it isn't always our timing. God also gives very unexpected answers to prayer. Our youngest daughter has taught us both. SHE was a very unexpected answer to prayer. Our boys were graduating from high school and my husband and I began asking the Lord, "What now? What do you want us to do?" The answer? Continue to be parents but to a very different child than you are used to. Oh, and you're going to pay for this child, both monetarily and with the rest of your lives. And one more thing, you aren't going to know what you're getting into until much later but trust Me. Sure, you'll know she's profoundly deaf but that isn't her handicap. Trust Me. And we are so glad we did! What a Huge blessing she had brought into our lives. We've said many times how glad we are that God kept us innocent or we may have said no and missed out on a huge blessing.
Which brings me to the following pictures. S graduated from school and at 21 is no longer eligible for the education system. What now? She has a personal agent that put us in contact with the state vocational rehab department that would help us explore job possibilities. Not to earn money, just to keep S's brain working and expanding and get her out of the house a few hours a week. That was an exercise in futility. S went through the interview with vocational rehab curled up on my lap crying despite the fact both the counselors sign and one was deaf. And the jobs we were given as a possibility didn't fit S at all or our criteria. Enter my bold, truthful husband. He pulled the plug and told them back off and give us time. It was moving too fast and we were afraid of making a wrong decision for S. A couple of months went by. One of our sons commented that S was more calm than he'd seen in awhile. Perhaps the answer to what to do with S was exactly what we were doing. Let her stay home with me and expand her knitting and crocheting and keep working on math and reading. Her personal agent called. She listened as she has done. And once again God provided an unusual answer via her wonderful agent. Give S someone that takes her out in the community, for classes, field trips, etc. Someone that uses ASL. Someone that will protect her. Someone that understands she has PTSD and what to look for. Her agent knew just the person. Enter D. At first meeting S opened up and showed D her treasures, communicated with her, didn't hide behind her Dad and I. So they spent their first time together exploring cake decorating at home. It's D's hobby and from her supply suitcase I'd say she does it like I do knitting. But she let S go with her own ideas and creativity. I heard laughter and saw smiles. Guess the pictures tell the story. And big surprise, it's a Duck cake! And Chocolate! Another unexpected answer to prayer.

Yep, we're havin' fun. And I got time to knit!

This isn't what we normally see when new people are introduced and S's schedule is changed! Thank you Lord!

I'm knitting like a fiend when I have the chance. I joined Mystery Stole 4 and I'm actually just finishing up clue 4. Clue 5 comes out on Friday. AND! I'm doing both halves at once! I'm really enjoying the lace knitting and finding it way too addicting. However, that's all I've had time to knit. Wonder why? Look below! I thought one home wrecker was bad but three!!! They all know how to open doors now so nothing is safe. Sigh....they're all asleep for the moment. I'm going to do a few rows while I can. And I expect to get sweaters done for grandmunchkins for Christmas? Someone wake me up...I'm dreaming.


  1. I am so proud of her! I Love the cake. Yes there is no question "D" was sent to you, in his time, when he knew she was ready. I love seeing the smiles!

  2. Debby, All Prayers Are Welcome! God is good tho, he will get Rachel & Adam thru this. Erika's wedding is the last photo I have of Rachel, there is another of them on the beach 2 yrs ago. Standing on FAITH for healing!

  3. Looks like S has found another new hobby; she is so inquisitive about new crafts! It is truly a blessing that D was sent to her at the perfect time. Sometimes we need to remember, "Everything in his time", but it is hard to sit back and "let it be." I work continually on both of those.