Sunday, September 14, 2008

They came in by twosies

My brother's little girl got married this weekend. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and he did better than he thought in giving his little girl away. The Pastor, a cousin of the groom, did a great job of likening earthly marriage to the marriage of the church to Jesus using Ephesians 6.
Family events like this happen rarely and so it's a great opportunity to snap some shots of the marriages in my life. My parents, married 55+ years:

My son and daughter (in law), married almost three years:

My daughter and son (in law), married 8+ years:
And then there is my husband and myself, married 32+ years:
no one got a picture of us...why? I'm the one behind the camera usually. But imagine us with big smiles.
It was a beautiful wedding and sit down dinner after with dancing. No children and though we missed our grandmunchkins it was wonderful to sit down for several hours with our adult children and just enjoy visiting with them as the wonderful adults they've become.


  1. We'll be celebrating 12 years in December :o)
    Don't you just love weddings!?

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, I'm just learning to appreciate the adults my "children" have become. Its a wonder to see them thru others eyes. Thank you for the award!