Friday, October 17, 2008

Help! I've been trapped!

I've been trapped here for the past several weeks but unable to get out the last 4 days! My sewing/scrapbook room. My husband left for his annual fall fishing trip several days ago. As is typical I schedule a project or two to complete while he is gone. As is also typical, the project (s) are much too lofty for the time allowed but I do it every year. Since I don't have to get up at 5am every morning to fix his lunch for work, I can stay up at my own hours. This year my projects were to catch up on scrapbooking (should have stopped right there), complete MS4, and start and hopefully complete a sweater for my granddaughter. But I was trapped! I was only a few months behind on the scrapbooking but there are 7 scrapbooks to do, one for each grandchild and the family book. And all 7 grandchildren have birthdays within a 6 week period, during the summer, when there is also a family vacation. Four of the grandchildren share the Same birthday. Lots of birthday pictures! So a few months behind is. a. lot. So, unless you like scrapbooking, you can skip the rest of this post. At 8 am this morning I completed the last of the birthday pictures and am up through August. Now I'm just two months behind with very little happenings in those months. Light at the end of the tunnel. But my creative mind is very finite and the pages just weren't happening so I cleaned up the scrapbook room and am taking the last day and night and knitting, or crocheting. For your viewing pleasure, here are some of my favorite completed pages. At the risk of boring you, I've only uploaded 5.
Try as I might blogger would not let me turn this picture around. It's right in my files so I don't know what's up. I chose mostly a Disney theme for three of my grandmunchkins since their Mommy also scrapbooks and there wouldn't be a chance of doing the same pages. We are mother and daughter after all. I have noticed though that scrapbookers all have their own way of doing it, even mothers and daughters who are pretty similar in tastes.

Camping and beach pictures, what could be better. I must say most of my favorite pages are due to the pictures rather than the page decor. Good pictures lend themselves to good pages very easily for me. Crowded pictures or those without a theme, while important, are hard for me to design a page for.

I liked this lay out so much I repeated in two other albums but changed up the colors and stickers.

Many of my page ideas come from the Creative Memories idea books and/or Debra Kukuck. Debra Kukuck is now out of business I think. Too bad, she had great ideas but her customer service was not very good. I never even received my last order despite phone calls and emails.

And while I was trappped my youngest daughter, my side kick, my connection to the hip, was madly crocheting on this poncho for our oldest granddaughter for Christmas. I am very proud of her! She can't read so she memorizes the pattern as I teach her. She is very receptive to frogging when there are mistakes and doing it again. I think she's a process knitter/crocheter. I am definitely not into the process as much as I am the product!

Crocheted with worsted yarn from stash and eyelash yarn from stash. It's more maroon than the pictures show.

I should add a disclaimer that being trapped in the scrapbook room right now is not a bad thing given the constant barrage of political commercials on TV. I was glad to escape it!


  1. cool scrapbook layouts!


  2. Being trapped looks like fun to me. Nice job with the scrapbooks.

    The poncho your daughter made is so cute!

  3. Wow, I would love to be trapped like that! You do beautiful work, and the poncho that your dd made is really pretty.