Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday FO

This blog started out for knitting and crocheting and quickly got taken over by life as well as my other projects/hobbies. So, if you tune in for pictures of cute grandmunchkins, you can stop reading now and come back later. Today is all about the reason I started this blog! I finished a sweater for one of the grandsons today. It's been lanquishing in my knitting bag for months but because it was an easy mindless sort of knitting project I carried it around for those knitting times when I had to focus on what was going on around me and less on the knitting. Or there was an intense TV program I wanted to pay attention to without asking my husband, "What did they say?" or "What happened?"

It was knit from Bernat Camoflauge in the Mash colorway on size 7 needles. Nice yarn to knit with. It feels nice and washes up well. It did come out a little more "limp" than I like a cardigan so maybe I should have used smaller needles and got a tighter fabric. I washed and dried it by machine and it came out soft. The pattern is a free web pattern: Seamless Raglan Baby Cardigan Sweater. The "seamless" is what reeled me in. I made some modifications. The pattern said it would fit a 4-10 month old if knit with sport yarn. The Bernat is a heavy worsted and this will fit my grandson when he's 2...maybe 3! He's 16 months now. I also had to stabilize the bottom garter band with a crochet chain. I need to remember when I do a garter stitch along with stockinette to use smaller needles for the garter stitch than I'm using for the stockinette. Thanks to the Yarn Harlots blog post about the chain stitch I didn't have to redo the border. More details on ravelry as well as a link to the pattern.
I have decided that I don't really like varigated yarn all that least thus far in the sweaters I have knit. I have seen some beautiful ones on other blogs, just not mine. Now socks...that's another story.

The color in the top photo is more representative of the color of the sweater. The bottom photo is a little too green, despite editing.

This weekend: A family wedding! Photos on Sunday, or Monday!


  1. Love the sweater, will look for the pattern for baby bump. Nice work! Isaiah is here and wants to know if he can wear it when your gs out-grows it, I showed him the boys photos and he said "darn, it wont fit" LOL

  2. This sweater is really cute; I like the way the variegated yarn worked out for a little boy, a lot like a camoflage print, and I know that my dgs would love it. You do so much for your grands. The things you make for them will provide not only some happy moments and warm days now, but some precious memories for them in the future.