Saturday, November 15, 2008

wedding, dinner, and dancing...oh my!

Our nephew got married today. Sorry, no pictures of the bride and I'm not sure how I missed that! These are "the guys" before the wedding. From left to right, our son, the one with the energy drink (he'd just got off a graveyard shift), the best man, the groom, another nephew/cousin, and the groom's dad (my brother). Our sons and the cousins spent a lot of time together growing up. In retrospect, maybe too much time, considering the mischief they got into?Is this a typical before the wedding shot or what? A quick tutorial on how to run a camera. Did I say that twins run in our family? My brothers, the groom's dad, and uncle are twins. We had twin sons as well and then our daughter had twins plus a little girl. (as in triplets!)
Four of the grandmunchkins came to the wedding and reception. The look on this little one's face was the same look I had as the events progressed. I was so proud of them. They were social butterflies at the reception but one gentleman came up to tell Mommy and Daddy how polite our grandson was. Big smile on the face of this Granny!

The littlest with her Aunt Yo Yo. And we've never figured out why one earth she calls her Yo Yo. Her name isn't even close!
And the littlest one with her great grandparents. Pretty special when a child has great grandparents!

There was dancing! One dance was for all married couples and then the couples were eliminated by how long they'd been married. We lasted until he said 35 years. But at 30 years the DJ stopped the music and told everyone in the room to look at the couples still on the dance floor and congratulated them on staying married. It was fun to dance to have the opportunity to dance together...something we've rarely done, except at weddings!My parents were the last couple left on the dance floor. Married 56 years! What a heritage to pass on! And quite an example for their grandchildren.

And my husband danced with our youngest. After her grandfather had drug her onto the dance floor. Once she tried it, I think she liked it!

Despite her intial hesitancy at getting out there, the smile says she enjoyed it! I wondered after if her deafness prompted her hesitancy. She can't hear the music so dancing doesn't mean as much to her as to me where the movements go with the music. Something to ponder....

And this was too cute not to post! I'd say this Daddy loves his daughter!
We met some old friends at the wedding. One was a man we went through school with, from grade school through high school. My husband played baseball and wrestled with him. His wife sat down with me and shared about her sons and the pride/fear she has for her youngest son, a West Point Cadet. Thank you Matthew for serving and being a great young man.


  1. What amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. I agree, the last one is such a very special phoo. Definitely one to cherish.

  2. What fun pictures - weddings are great times to get together! Love the picture of daddy holding his little girl up in the air - the sun beam shining in between them is gorgeous!!!