Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Pam! Granny says you're a whole half a century old today. That's kinda old isn't it? Considering we're only 1. Granny is older than you but she doesn't act old, most of the time, so maybe a half a century isn't really that old. We wanted you to come see us at Granny's house today but Granny is sick and doesn't want to give you her cold so she told you to stay away. In a nice way, of course. We were so looking forward to chocolate cake. We thought we found some in the yard when we went outside to play today so we thought we'd try a little taste and tell you about it when we see you next. But it didn't taste as good as chocolate..... Kind of looks like chocolate on our faces though, doesn't it? Granny said it was "yucky" and called it "dirt". We were so sure it was chocolate. We hope you have a Happy Birthday and a fun day. We're sure you missed seeing us since we make you laugh.
Happy Birthday Aunt Pam from R!

Happy Birthday Aunt Pam from B!
Happy Birthday Aunt Pam from W!

And not to be left out...S wishes you birthday greetings. And lest you think she put on her Santa hat just for your birthday...think again! That hat comes out and is on her head the minute we flip the calender to December. It doesn't come off until Dec 26th or whenever the tree comes down. (She doesn't wear it to church...just FYI...lest you think I totally mess up at being a Mom!)


  1. Great pics and Happy Birthday to Aunt Pam... :-)

  2. I love it! We all have to eat our peck of dirt right? S is just beautiful, Give her a squeeze for me and a happy day to Aunt Pam!

  3. Great pictures. I especially love S. in her hat.
    Happy Birthday Aunt Pam, and 50 is now the new 30:)