Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weather outside???

The weather outside is frightful! But so delightful! We, in the Northwet, do not have snow very often. It is, after all, the northWET. But we were blessed today....snow! It started about 9am and is continuing to sporadically fall!
Come to think of it, we've had snow the past few years. Even snow this spring in April! Sorry, Mr. Gore, I do not see the whole global warming thing here in our part of the world. After all, we're supposed to get hit with Artic blasts for the next 7 days. High temps in the teens and twentys. That there is mighty cold for the northWET.

The weather may be frightful but....
ahhh, the fire is so delightful!

And it motivated me to start the Christmas decorating. I've never liked Christmas decorations...they take up residence for too short a time, so we winter decorate, except for the Christmas tree. I can leave the snowmen and winter decor up until the first of March...and I do.

The grandmunchkins share the sentiment with the song....Let IT SNOW!!! After all, snow is a tasty treat and great for making snow angels in.
Our eldest granddaughter making a snow angel. We had to chuckle at this one. This little girl and angel....a definite oxymoron!
Ever ready with a grin that just "melts" your heart and makes you grin right along with him. They make snow look less frightful and a whole lot of fun.
So what does a knitter, crocheter do when the weather outside is frightful? Grab some tea (or hot chocolate) and knit away and watch the snow. Miss S is crocheting washcloths for her grandmother to give as gifts to her sisters. Great project for both. Grandma gets gifts to give and the math skills, learning patterns, and keeping her hands busy, are great skills for Miss S to constantly be working on. I'm working on our Christmas letter and a sweater I hope to post soon. And staying warm by, ahhhhh, fire....

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow!!!


  1. Great pictures and looks like everyone is having fun...

  2. I loved the pictures of the kids in the snow - I sat here smiling while looking at them! What a joy it must be to have them all with you. :)

  3. What Fun! I love little ones faces the first time they are able to get in snow. Find a clean spot of snow and put drops of honey or syrup, just dots, fun frozen treats.
    Nice work Miss S!

  4. To be a kid again & to enjoy snow... now, I just grumble that it gets me wet & cold!! hehe!

  5. Looks like they're having a grand time :-)
    My SIL is going a bit stir-crazy (she's in Tigard) with 4 bored children underfoot (all under the age of 8); she's taken up refuge in our MIL's bathroom just to read in peace for a half hour :-P
    BTW- I wandered by from Ravelry & the Over 40 group