Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it sew! Let it sew! Let is Sew!

The weather outside has been frightful....brrrrrr. Cars stuck, the city all but shut down. Even my old employer, Nike, is shut down for the week! Unheard of in years past with snow fall. But we've not had snow like this since 1968. We are, after all, the NorthWET, not northWhite! But ahhh! The view is sew delightful! As told by this picture outside my sewing room window. I've had the pleasure of viewing this for the past week.... ...As I finished up these! Think Snoopy doing his happy dance in the Charlie Brown cartoons (if you're old enough) and you know what I'm doing inside!
Granddaughter #3's jammies:
Granddaughter #1's jammies:

Granddaughter #2's PJ's:

And not to forget those sweet grandsons!
We have PJ's for grandson #4:

And for grandson #3, who is only older than grandson #4 by 1 minute:
(a note on that one measley minute...it will become Very important in later years! I know! I have twins that are a half an hour apart and the older loves to rub it in to the younger that he is the oldest son and therefore should get all the inheritance! To which I reply: What inheritance?)

And the 6 year old grandson's PJ's:
He loves Curious George...hence the monkey PJs.
And last, but not least, for the oldest. These are the ones I am most concerned about. After all, he is 13 and clothes are, well, clothes. But when I was sewing these last night I was remembering that each Christmas my grandmother made us pajamas. And she didn't have the convenience of a serger so she finished all of her seams with those French seams. I didn't appreciate them at the time. I'd sure appreciate them now. So perhaps in later years my grandchildren will appreciate the love and time that went into them. Maybe not, if they don't sew, which was my wake up call. But maybe they'll know I made them because I loved them?
And a little winter humor that came through my email box:


  1. Oh Debby I absolutely adore all the jammies! This year I whittled down my Christmas list because I was determined to be less stressed. Of all the things I cut out I am only really heartsick about two things: I didn't send Christmas cards for the first time ever and I didn't make new jammies for Brooklyn. And in all years past I bought new jammies for the kids when they got much older.

    So now I know for the future that while it makes sense to cut things out so you have less stress, some traditions are there because you really enjoy them and they should definitely stay!

    I hope your family has a very Merry Christmas - it surely is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your place! :)

  2. Those jammies are soooooo cute and just the thing for the cold weather to snuzzle up in at night...

    Have a wonderful Christmas... :-)

  3. So cute! I think my mom needs to learn how to sew <3 Have a blessed Christmas.

  4. They all came out so nice! I think all the extra trims on the girls are so sweet. I know they will have loved them. Hope you had a wonderful time!