Friday, December 26, 2008

Memories of Christmas past

"But Mary treasure up all these things and pondered them in her heart" Luke 2:19
On this, the day after Christmas, I am going back over the events of the past few days and treasuring them.The childlike wonder on my granddaughter's face. My parents celebrating with all 7 of their great grandchildren! Yes, we bribed them with cell phones to get them to sit still and Mr. B and Mr. W are eyeing their cousin's phone with something akin to jealousy!

Little Mr. B chose to discover the tree in his own boyish way. His brother went along behind to pick up the balls and try to put them back on the tree!

Mommy and little Miss S enjoying the quiet book I made for her together.

The reading of the traditional Christmas book. We passed out candy canes for them to enjoy while reading: The Legend of the Candy Cane. Little Miss S loves books and stories, as do all of our grandchildren, but it's a treasure to see her listening and looking while sitting on her Aunt YoYo's lap. And all the while her cousin eyes little Miss S's candy cane! You can see in the picture her little hand stretched out to possibly take the candy cane? As an aside, we have no idea where Miss S came up with "Aunt YoYo" but it has stuck and to hear her say, "Merry Christmas YoYo" in that adorable little two year old voice was another delightful memory to tuck away to ponder later.

Mr. B liked the candy cane far more than the story this year! And it's his first candy cane.

They played games while dinner was cooking. It brought such joy to watch the family gathered around playing together, younger and older, and the older helping the younger.

My grandsons doing the normal kid thing...enjoying the box the gift came in more than the gift!

This smile brings joy to my heart every time I see it. She is a treasure.

The last minute gift I finished at 1:30 in the morning of Christmas Eve. I always have to do this, every year! Finish a gift at the last minute and leave two or three undone. This is the Helena sweater from Knitty, knit in Knitpicks Swish DK on size 2 needles to get gauge! I really liked both the pattern and yarn and will be making it again for granddaughter number 2. This is for the youngest granddaughter, #3.

Because of the weather here, our church service and Christmas Eve service were canceled. I missed having church the Sunday before Christmas (even though I was signed up for nursery). So, on December 23rd, my daughter and I sat down with hot beverages and the lights of the tree, and watched this movie. I am so thankful that Christmas means more to me than just the family, the traditions, the tree. It means that God sent His only Son here, in human form, to go to the cross....for me. To cleanse me. To make me His own.
Our granddaughter asked my husband what he was getting for Christmas. His reply, I've got it sitting right here with me:

I had a very blessed Christmas. One worthy of being treasured and pondered. I hope you did too.


  1. Oh Debby, Its sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love the Candy Cane story we have used it as place settings at various meetings. I'm sorry your evening service was cancelled but, it sounds as if The Holy Spirit was with your family. I love the wonder of little ones faces at the tree & the box was to funny. Always have one that wants to play with wrapping paper or the box!

  2. Our Christmas is this Thursday and I am looking forward to the memories also. I still have four pair of jammie bottoms to make. In fact I came downstairs to do them but was waylaid by my computer. It has a habit of doing that to me.
    I really like the sweater pattern too. Did you get it from knitty on line? What sizes are available? I would need at least size five and six.
    Oh yeah, I have one more pair of mittens to make too. Gotta go get busy. Am so glad your Christmas was a very blessed one and I pray for the blessings to continue through the year.

  3. Beautiful pictures and memories...TFS, I loved reading and seeing.

    Happy New Years' from my "krew" to yours'...