Saturday, January 17, 2009

the first of 2009

The first FO! My daughter, through ravelry, found someone who had worked up the whole ASL alphabet in knit blocks. The "I love you" sign was a freebie. I bought the whole alphabet but thus far have managed just the "I love you". My daughter is thrilled with her pillow. I used Cascade 220. The pattern recommends cotton and I think I would try that next time to see if the definition in the pattern is a little better. I was given the fabric by my mother in law who found it in one of her quilting magazines. She used some of it in our daughter's graduation quilt and gave me the rest. I love the fabric and my only complaint is that the alphabet is in order and there are several of the same letter right in a row, so three A's before you get B, etc. It makes it hard, without doing a whole lot of cutting and stitching the pieces together, to have a randomness to the letters. I'm too lazy! So there are several places where there are one or two of the same signs in a row. Close up of the knitting.

While I was out walking today (it was toooo beeeeeuuuutiful to stay in) there was a call left on our answering machine. It went something like this: The skunk is out of the boat! There's a fish coming home for dinner! My husband purchased his fishing license for 2009 just yesterday and had to try it out. He got "skunked" plenty last year and looks like maybe this year will be better...we hope.


  1. Love the ASL. If you do not point it out, not very many people will notice that the alphabet is not random.
    Enjoy the fish, and please do not feel that you have to invite me for dinner. Thanks:}

  2. DH was drooling over my shoulder t when he saw that fish! What kind is it? HE would LOVE a supper invite! The ALS project is great, bet S loves it!

  3. Now how cool is that pillow? And I agree that nobody would notice it not being random. I'm especially glad you posted that because I've had some of the squares before that I'd like to do something with and just not sure what.

    We've never been fishermen, but I truly miss my dad fishing and eating fresh fish. There are few things better than that. And he looks pretty proud!

  4. Just found your blog and must say I love what you've done with the place :) Love the grand kids, have four of my own.